Meet The Team

We've been in this business since Pandemic, and have built an operation predicated on constant refinement and relentless growth.

We're still collaborating, educating ourselves and each other, playing on the floor with dogs, drinking coffee, and lovingly forcing people to cut and serve cake to everyone on their birthdays. We power through intense strategy sessions, pool our collective brainpower to conceptualize innovative solutions, support each other when it’s crunch time, and come back the next day to do it all over again.


We donate 30% of profit to charity

Peer recognition bonus system

Free snacks and coffee/tea

4 Days Working Environment

Pretty cool holiday and summer parties

Friendly Working Enviornment

Indoor Gaming facility for Freshness

Free music streaming

Imran Abdullah - Founder & CEO

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Amir - CFO

Manages financial department
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Adam - Techinal Advisor

Advises all the technical improvements and developments including backend and frontend designers that make it easier for customers to shop with us.
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Safiya - Graphic Designer

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Sameer - Customer Support

Manages order records, the customer support that includes query resolving, tech glitches, complaints, feedback, update, etc.
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Vasudha - Graphic Designer

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Fanoos - Director of Operations

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Saima - Director of HR

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Waquas - Account Manager

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Aditya - Marketing Head

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Faisal Ehsan - Outsourcing Manager

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Urvashi - Product Manager

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Nadir Saba - Vendor Manager

Like What You See? Your Move.

Trusted by 3 Million customers

Free Delivery All Over India

We deliver, on time every time

Lifetime Print Warranty*

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