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As a Printing Brand Startup, currently, we are not holding any kind of Merchandise Licensing of any brand/company/team/movie/character. We do not sell any Brand Merchandise. In this post, we will be discussing our designs and official logos.

Do we have any official Merchandise Licensing?

So the answer to this question is, we do not sell any official merchandise, our motto is to promote Indian design and Indian heritage site, Indian beauty (Park, animals, monuments, cities), so basically we print on these themes which glorifies our own history/Culture, And the products that are not Indian character they maybe some foreign or another brand logo Like IPL teams, Famous Movies Characters, We do not hold any Merchandise Licensing for this, we basically Create designs depending on their logo and branding, these products are not permanent it can be deleted as per customer/brand demand. There are a few highlighting points about this that we are mentioning below.

  • We do not claim any brand ownership other than
  • All The designs that belong to some brands like IPL, Movies, etc.. are not our own products and we do not have Merchandise, we just create some unique designs and find some high quality images to design products. We are thankful to all the brands who support start-ups as currently, we are unable to pay a huge amount of merch fees. All the brand and trademark belongs to respective companies.

What Kind of Design do We Sell?

We Create our own design depedning on Customer’s Demand, Which includes Textual Graphic, Vector Images, Customised Logo, meme, Comedy Lines, Funny Lines, Cartoons etc..

If you have any suggestions/questions you can dirctly ask us via Whatsapp, Just Click on Start Chat Button to Start

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